Back to the Future Review

I was thinking the other day, most movies today try so hard to be grounded in reality. Sometimes I just want to sit down, and watch a movie that doesn’t take itself so seriously. Back to the Future doesn’t seem to give two hoots if it’s realistic or not. It’s just pure fun, and doesn’t care about the internet trolls.

Michael J. Fox was born to play Marty McFly. The best decision the movie made was firing Eric Stoltz, who was originally cast as McFly. Fox perfectly captures the quick-witted everyman, who is just trying to get his parents to fall in love. Who could forget Christopher Lloyd’s portrayal of Doc Brown, the mad scientist who stole Plutonium from Libyan Terrorists? Lloyd is brilliant as Doc, and it’s rightly so his most memorable role.

Let’s not forget the production hell Back to the Future had to go through. First, every major production company originally passed on the project. Then once they got started they had to recast the lead, and could only film at night due to Fox’s schedule with Family Ties. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale are the real heroes behind the film, as they were the ones who didn’t take the production companies advice and change the script.  

After Zemeckis directed the financial success of Romancing the Stone, they approached  Steven Spielberg to be an executive producer. Spielberg agreed, and helped them find a production company and a distributor.

Name one other movie that has the lead’s mother flirt with him, and a time machine made out of a sports car. Back to the Future blends science fiction, adventure, and comedy into a screenplay that is pure gold.

What would a world without Back to the Future look like? The Delorean would just be an expensive car. The best animated show on T.V., Rick and Morty, arguably wouldn’t exist.



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