Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition

One of the biggest letdowns of the year was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For me its was so-so and missed a lot of opportunities. Last week the director’s cut came out on digital download and added what was left on the cutting room floor. The question the geek community is asking is if Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition was better than the theatrical cut.

The answer to that is yes and no. Upon a second viewing of the movie, I liked it a little more. The cut clarifies many plot points many viewers had issues with. During my initial view in March, I had no clue what was happening the majority of the time, especially with the whole framing Superman plot.

The thirty minutes of extra footage benefitted Clark Kent/Superman the most, showing that he actually has journalistic skill, as he investigates Batman’s brutality in Gotham. Doing this helps creates a balance for screen time for the duo.

I still feel that Ben Affleck stole the show, and unlike other actors, he brought a different layer to Batman. Gal Gadot is still a goddess, but I kind of wanted another scene or two with her. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought Jesse Eisenberg’s voice was less annoying this time around, so that’s an added bonus.

Other short scenes, such as Lois going to Star Labs to find out more about the bullet and Lois explaining that Superman didn’t see the bomb because it was coated with lead, really added to her character. Some of the footage didn’t help, such as Clark walking up a mountain, before seeing his father in the snow.

Still, Batman v. Superman is a mess with no clear villain and no central plot. I don’t think it’s a wonderful movie, but it could be a lot worse. I’ll probably rewatch it before Justice League comes out. The footage didn’t hurt anything, but if you hated B v. S the first time you’re not going to like the Ultimate Cut.

Zack Snyder and his team could have done more to bring humanity out of the beloved characters. According to set visits from Justice League, this has been noted. I believe that’s one thing that DC needs to borrow from Marvel. At least the Ultimate Cut had Ben Affleck’s shower scene.



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