Ghostbusters (2016) Review

I know not everyone’s going to be a fan of Paul Feig’s style of comedy, with semi-relatable characters, pop culture references, and the occasional fart joke. I get that. We all have different taste in comedy. On the other hand, if you straight up judge Ghostbusters just because it’s female driven, you can leave my blog right now. These characters could have been played by anyone, and all four leading ladies are extremely funny.

People are complaining that every guy in the movie is a complete moron. Honestly everyone but the Ghostbusters is clueless in the flick. This reboot’s trailers made it look like complete crap, but it really wasn’t bad. Ghostbusters is an enjoyable women-centered comedy, and I haven’t laughed so much in theaters since Deadpool.

Let’s talk about the cast. I know Kristen Wigg and Melissa McCarthy’s comedy style pretty well by now and they normally do a good job. Also, I’m a casual fan of SNL, so I had an idea of what to expect from Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. I liked each of the four leading ladies, and they all  brought something different to the table. Overall, they had good chemistry and I wouldn’t mind seeing them all again.  Besides Vacation and Cabin in the Woods, I’ve never seen Chris Hemsworth do comedy. He might have been my favorite part, especially in the scene where he’s getting interviewed.

It seemed like every 20 minutes there was an unnecessary cameo from the old cast, which brought me out of the movie. The movie can stand on its own, so I really didn’t need the various cameos. I would rather have one big cameo instead of sprinkling them out. I hate Slimer. I hate everything about him. I wanted to scream when he and his girlfriend appeared on the screen. These cameos stop the action and don’t benefit anything. I was enjoying most of the movie until they introduced the villain. What the heck? Your plan is to release ghost in New York, so they take over the world. That’s just poor screenwriting!


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