Morning Routine

I’m not a morning person. This could easily be fixed by going to bed earlier, but that’s just not going to happen. My daily schedule varies from day to day because the time my classes start flip-flop back and forth.

A Day Mornings

6:45- My first alarm of the day goes off and wakes me up. At this time, I review what my day looks like and decide if it’s worth putting on makeup and doing my hair. If I have something going on that day, I roll out of bed and head up the stairs to start straightening my hair. About 9 out of 10 days on average, I’m going back to sleep.

7:00- My second alarm goes off. Then I have to make the decision if breakfast is worth getting out of bed for. If the answer is yes, I make myself a quick meal such as oatmeal. If no, I hit snooze and get another 20 minutes of sleep.

7:20- Ok. No more sleeping in. I rush upstairs, wash my face, and brush my teeth. Most days I’m fine with just running a comb through my hair, but sometimes I have to wet it down and put product in it.

7:30- At the beginning of the week, I lay out a few different choices for outfits. Typically if I’m running behind, I just pick the most comfortable option.

7:40- Now I should be ready for school, and I head out the door.
B-Day Mornings

9:30- Most days that I have no morning classes, I sleep in. If I’m not up by 9:30, my alarm wakes me up.
9:40- On these days I don’t get a lunch at school. Sometimes I’ll rewarm some leftovers from the night before or cook something to eat. Afterwards, I catch up on shows, work on a blog post, or workout.

10:20- Since I have no excuse on my B-Days to look like trash, I get myself ready for the day.

11:00- Most of the time on these kinds of days, I have to bring a lot of stuff to school. The night before I try to gather anything I need for the next day and put it in my car. I really hate having to drive back home, so I double-check that I have everything.

11:10- Now that I’m packed and ready, I go to school.


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