Jurassic Park Birthday Party

I think in another life I could have been a party planner because I’m always trying to find reasons to celebrate and throw events for. Out of all these shindigs, no party is bigger each year than my birthday. My birthday is towards the end of the school year, so it kind of acts like a beginning of summer soirée. Palm leaves have been everywhere this past year, and this inspired me to have a Jurassic Park influenced party.


As always, I begin on Pinterest looking for ideas. The two main places on the site where I usually find stuff is on the Holiday & Party explore page. If I’m looking for more specific pins, I go on the search bar.  

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.06.22 AM

Now that I found some inspiration, I started making a list of guests and getting out invites. If you’re interested in making your own invitations, I’d recommend using the website Canva. What I like to do is make the invites the size of a photo that can be printed off at Walgreens. It’s cheaper than having them professionally done and is easier than printing them off at home.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.06.59 AM.png

From there, I got to work on the decorations. If you have a best friend as crafty as mine, you have to take advantage of her free labor. Off of Pinterest, we made four big display pieces for the party.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.14.41 AM.png

Photo booths have become a staple nowadays for parties. For this backdrop, you will need three bundles of yarn, 1/4-in x 100-ft sisal rope, and a 1-inch dowel rod. Full instructions on this backdrop can be found on Ruffled Blog. http://ruffledblog.com/diy-suspended-tassel-backdrop/


Next, we made a huge Jurassic Park sign. There isn’t instructions on this, but I’ll try to tell you how we did it.


The base of the sign was made out of cardboard. We took a large Target box and cut it into one big sheet. In order to have a cleaner sign, take whatever side the label is printed on and draw out the shape of the sign out in pencil. With a box knife, cut out the sign and plug in a hot glue gun. From another box, cut out four-inch strips of cardboard. Glue on these cardboard braces onto the bendable parts.

gate skitll.jpg

In a well-ventilated area, spread on half a pint of fast drying spackle all over the clean side of the cardboard. This will give it texture and smooth out the cardboard. This might take a couple hours to dry. Afterwards, paint it with gray spray paint. Later on, we added more detail with an airbrush around the edges.

For the letters, we used a roll of craft foam, acrylic paint, and the hot glue gun. Before starting this, we created a template by patterning out the letters onto cardstock. Next, we transferred them onto craft foam and cut them out. Since the font is layered, we made two versions of each letter. One of the versions must be larger than the other, as the smaller one needs to be glued on top.

The acrylic paint will be absorbed into the foam if you don’t prime them. In order to prevent this, paint two layers of glue before painting. Let this dry overnight. Then, paint on three coats of red and yellow paint onto the foam.

Once everything is dried, glue on the letters onto the cardboard. Our sign was light enough that I was able to hang it on the outside gutters. I was able to do that by securing it with command hooks.



Also, I recreated the “When The Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” banner from the movie. Just like with the sign, we first made a template for the letters before starting. Because this is so long, we had to use a roll of brown craft paper in order to get the right length. Finally, we traced on the letter and filled the outline in with black paint.


The final thing I made for the party was a pinata. Basically, I followed the instructions from Studio DIY’s post on a DIY Hairspray Piñata. I changed it up a bit at the top to more resemble the Barbasol can from the show.

shaving cream skill

The night was a blast, and I got to spend it with my closest friends. Who knows, maybe before the end of the summer I’ll throw another party.


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