2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Once again the holiday season is starting to roll in. If you are anything like me, you have your work cut out for you. Though it’s before Thanksgiving, getting a head start on holiday shopping is always a good idea. I came up with a list for everyone on your list this year.


Advent Calendars

Who doesn’t like getting something every day? In the past few years, I’ve seen these kinds of calendars come in a million different things. I just picked out a few that I thought that could work for anyone.

Phone Cord

It doesn’t matter who you are; everyone always needs an extra phone cord. Below I listed options for both Apple and Android.


Portable Charger

Again, everyone needs a portable charger. Some days I blow through my battery in a couple of hours so it’s nice having one on hand.  Plus, you can use it to charge your tablet or headphones also.



Now that cooler weather is upon us it’s a perfect time again to bust out your favorite hot beverage. Add a seasonal flavored coffee, tea, or hot cocoa to make a complete gift.


Wallet Wristlet

Since I’ve gone off to college, I realized the importance of having your debit card and ID with you at all times. When out and about, not everyone wants to carry around a full wallet or purse with them. These small wristlets make your life just a little easier.


Lounge Pants

One tradition of my family is that everybody gets PJs as a gift. I’m a little biased towards Old Navy PJs, as almost everything I own is from there. Still, I think they have a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors.


Calendar/ Planner

Start off the new year right with a new planner. It’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long. Though personally I organize everything using my phone calendar, I think physical calendars are a great gift.




Phone Cases

My final tech gift are phone cases. There’s one out there for every phone model and personality. I think I found a few that provide protection as well as style.



I don’t care who you are buying for, but everyone likes blankets.



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