October Monthly Favorites

As we shift into the Holiday Season, I find myself asking where did the year go. Last month was crazy busy with school, which kind of explains why I’m uploading this halfway into November already. But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.


EyeStudio Brow Precise Micro Pencil



For the past year, I’ve been filling in my eyebrows using Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Define and Fill Duo in Deep Brown, but I finally finished using the whole pencil. Instead of repurchasing it, I wanted to try something new. If you read my makeup routine post from last month, you would know the Brow Duo was a direct color match for me. For about three weeks now I’ve been using the Brow Precise Micro Pencil. It’s the same great color and formula of the Brown Duo but in a thinner tip. This helps you control the product more, and the spoolie end helps shape the hairs.


Hoola Bronzer



The cult classic Hoola bronzer has always been on my wishlist. What kept me away was the thought of spending $30 on a single makeup product. I usually stick to drugstore brands because I like to try new products. While at Ulta I found that Benefit makes a mini version now. Even for a pale girl like me, this will give you a sunkissed glow (as long as you blend it out well).


Love Sweater



Actually, I bought this sweater a few months ago and saved it until the cold weather. If the past couple weeks are any indication, winter is coming. Right now it’s the right time to break out my sweaters for the year. The shirt itself is standard for Old Navy, but what makes it stand apart is the detailing on the wording. The inside of LOVE is made of red velvet. It’s just a cozy sweatshirt that’s going to keep me warm until spring rolls around.
American Vandal

Palm Party copy
If you caught my post from two weeks ago before it was taken down, or if you’ve seen the show, American Vandal might be the best TV series of 2017. It’s the true crime style of drama and turns it into a comedy mockumentary. American Vandal is about a high school senior who is accused of vandalizing his teachers’ cars. The eight episodes takes about four hours to finish. Personally, I think it’s best if you binge-watch them back to back which isn’t hard because it’s addictive. Once the mystery starts, you aren’t going to stop until you find out who sprayed the graffiti. The ending is fairly open-ended, leaving it up to the viewers to make their own decisions. However, they are making a second season.


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