Why I Blog + Content Update

Everyone has something they do in their spare time. Some people watch TV, paint, play a instrument, work out, etc. I seem to have a lot of extra time after I finish my schooling for the day. So I cook, travel, go to the movies, and even have a little bit of a shopping addiction. Anyone who follows my blog might know this. This website represents everything that’s important to me. Everything I love is represented here.

I’ve always had commitment issues surrounding activities. I’d start something and never finish it. Maybe this was why my mom never let me join Girl Scouts. Just in the past few years, I shelled out hundreds of my own money to make a short film and start a podcast. (The podcast equipment might not go to waste though 😏) This is why my family and friends wouldn’t trust me with long-term projects.

I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve always struggled with English and writing. It wasn’t until I actually had a supportive English teacher that made me feel like it was ok to share my work with the world. Then I joined/ was forced into newspaper, and I had no choice but to publish my stuff. Around my birthday in May 2016, I had an idea for a movie review blog. With each post, I would make a recipe to go along with the movie that was themed. So I launched the first version of this blog. At first, I had a friend “edit” my stories to check for grammar issues. It wasn’t until three months later that I figured out she never even read them. From the heavens, my dearest editor Amanda appeared – the godsend grammar guru that has been helping me ever since, and also has started a blog of her own.

Why I do this and continue to do this is because it helps me get out of my shell. This makes me publish my stuff and try out new recipes as well. I’d never think in a million years that I’d know how to make a Thanksgiving turkey or meringue cookies. Since middle school, I’ve written every night before I go to bed. About 90% of this stuff will never be published, but some do turn into blog posts.

Two years later, I’m still shocked that I’m still doing it. Right now, I have a writing schedule that works for me and my life. That’s really the key to keep doing it. Next month, I’ll probably post how my process goes.

I know since I’ve started college, I’ve cut back on posting. In this new year, I’m planning on talking about the stuff that’s important to me like education and what it means to be a woman of STEM. I might even adventure into some uncharted territory like ** pause for dramatic effect** politics. Don’t worry, I will not force it down anyone’s throat. There are just certain topics that I’m studying right that I want to share with everyone, such as global health and the UN’s place in today’s society. I swear it will not reach family Thanksgiving levels of politics.



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