January Favorites

New Year. New Me. Yeah, right! Though I’m excited for a few of my projects I’m currently working on, it’s just the same old, same old in my neck of the woods. After sleeping my life away during the first half of the month, I started my second semester of college. I have a feeling that my classes are going to be easy, but i’m still counting down the days until summer.

Under Armour Bag


On the weekends, I go back home which causes me to have to pack a bag. I have a lot of stuff, so my backpack wasn’t cutting it. I’ve been using my nasty old color guard bag and my dad’s duffel bag. Thankfully, my thoughtful mother bought me a new duffel bag for Christmas. The best part of it was that it has side pockets for shoes so that my clothes don’t get dirty. I can’t find the exact same bag online, but this one is pretty much the same.


Color Design Sensational Effects Lipstick 329 Love It (Cream)


Another Christmas gift was this Lancôme lipstick. I’ve always loved the color design lipsticks, but I’d never spent more than $10 on a lipstick. I guess this came in a gift pack that you get when you spend so much at the makeup counter, but this is a nice color for my skin. Normally lipsticks are too pink, but this is just nice enough for it to work.


Naked Ultimate Basics 


I’ve just been wanting a change of pace in my eye makeup. I do like glittery and the metallic eyeshadows, but I’d wanted to try out a matte pallet. I wanted something more natural looking, as I went through a phase of really dark and smokey eyeshadows. Online right now there isn’t a lot of options. That was, until I found The Naked Basics pallet. Last month I bought this, it was under $30. I’m assuming that it was discounted because Urban Decay is going to stop production of this pallet or something. I love all twelve of the colors, particularly the shades Instinct and Extra Bitter. Also, I’m using Black Jack for my brows filler.


Black Leggings

Just like every other girl on campus, I own black leggings. I just picked these up because it has dramatically gotten colder over break. I thought I’d trade in my shorts and capri leggings at the gym. There isn’t anything special about them; I just bought them at Old Navy when I was there. It’s also nice to wear them under jeans when it’s extra cold out.


January Playlist


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