Things Every College Studnet Needs!

With spring midterms almost over and spring break just days away, I’m already starting to think about fall classes. Even though it’s my first year on campus, I’ve been taking college classes for three years. I think by this time in my life I have college pretty much figured out. This idea of college essentials came to me when I was writing my study tips post a few weeks back. I’ve lived on campus for a year, but in order to save some money, I’m living with my parents next year. My school is for the majority a commuter college, and about 90% of students live off campus or at home. I think most of these items can be useful to both students residing on and off campus.


Filing Folder

During orientation, our group leader asked everyone in our group to ask at least one question that day. By the end of the day, I was the only one left, so I asked her what was the one thing that everyone needed for college. She said a filing folder. When I was back to school shopping in August, I bought a cheap plastic one to keep on my desk. Whenever I get a graded test or essay back from a teacher, I put it in there. So at the end of the semester, if something isn’t right in the grade book, I can prove it. At the beginning of the semester, I print out or ask for an extra copy of the syllabus. I have another on hand in case I lose my other copy, and it’s useful for in the future if I need to get a hold of a teacher for some reason.

Link: &ie=UTF8&qid=1520391513&sr=1-7&keywords=filing+folders


Brita Filter

EVERYONE WHO LIVES IN A DORM NEEDS A BRITA FILTER. I didn’t think I needed one until I moved in and tasted the water. You think since you’re paying thousands of dollars to live there already that the water would be good, but that isn’t the truth.



Ice Tray

I would never think to bring a ice tray to college in a million years. Even though I have my Brita Filter in the fridge, sometimes I don’t have enough time to cool down my drinks. (First world problems, I guess.) I bought this one especially because the ice can easily fit into any size bottle.



Water Bottle

My final water-related product is a reusable water bottle. This is a no-brainer. Bottles of water are bad for the environment and expensive. Every floor of every building I’ve ever been on has a water fountain. I like a bottle that either clips on or one that can be attached to my backpack so that I can free up my hands.

Link: &ie=UTF8&qid=1520392030&sr=1-6&keywords=water+bottle+40+oz


Power Strip

Not all colleges allow students to use power strips because of electrical issues, but I’ve never had a problem using one. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in a study hall or library, you need one of these in your backpack. This might seem silly, but there is never enough plugins on campus.

Link: &ie=UTF8&qid=1520392124&sr=1-2&keywords=usb+power+strip


Amazon Prime

I live off of Amazon Prime. I get free shipping on almost anything (including textbooks), free Prime Video, and Prime Music for the price of one. Luckily, I’m on my parents Amazon account, but if you sign up with a student email, you can get it for free for six months.



Remote Activated Light

This is for all the lazy students like me. When I’m done for the night, I don’t want to get up and turn off the light. Usually, I only use a lamp to light up my room, so I just attached the bulb onto the lamp. BOOM. Remote activated light!



Breakfast Bars

Everyone likes eating at the dining hall at the beginning of the semester. As the year progresses, either students are sick of the food or become too lazy to get it. I love to sleep in, and it’s easier for me to just eat in my dorm. I’m obsessed with ThinkThin bars. Sure, they aren’t the best protein bars out there, but I could do a lot worse. Normally at night I put one on my side table with a piece of fruit for breakfast, so that I don’t even have to get out of bed to eat in the morning. I also like having instant oatmeal on hand.



Small Tool Kit

When you first move in, you are going to need a toolkit. Plus, throughout the year some things just break or certain screws need to be tightened. It’s much easier to have a small tool kit on hand than to track down someone else’s screwdriver. I was gifted this 8 in 1 tool as a gift, and it’s basically any tool you could ever need for college.



Door Stop

If you want to make friends fast in college, all you need is a doorstop. During the first couple weeks of school, just keep your door open. You never know who you are going to meet.

Keychain/ Lanyard

I used to lose my keys all the time. I fixed that by just buying a lanyard for them. It makes them easy to find because they are either on my wrist or in my bag at all times.



Flash Drive

Every student needs to have a flash drive on them at all times. At least at my school, you can’t save files on the computer, and you have to save them on a disk. Plus, sometimes backing up files online doesn’t always work. I have one attached to my keychain, so I always have it on me.

Link: &ie=UTF8&qid=1520393319&sr=1-8&keywords=flash+drive



Schools in general are a noisy place. Investing in a good set of headphones is worth it in college. Personally, I use Beats, but you don’t have to spend a million dollars on a nice pair of headphones.




I’m genuinely surprised that I’m not Grammarly’s spokeswoman by now. I use Grammarly every day to edit essays, emails, and blog posts. On top of that, I use it to double check for plagiarism before I turn in assignments.



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