There are three things I’m certain of in life. We all are born, we die, and Han Solo shot first. Belonging in a weird realm of existence, I’m both a basic suburban teenager and a giant geek. I spend my summers locked in a theater watching the latest and greatest blockbusters, but I’ve also spent my whole paycheck on Ulta and Starbucks. Yes, it’s kind of a strange combo, but so are chicken and waffles or Martha and Snoop Dogg. No, I’m not one of those girls who say they are a nerd because they’ve seen the Star Wars Saga. I’m a geek and I know it; I’ve spent countless hours waiting in line for film openings,  locked myself in my room for a weekend playing the new Nancy Drew PC game, and have bought two different copies of the non-special edition of Star Wars.  Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, I post about my thoughts on anything and everything ranging from new releases, DIYs, favorites, rants in general, or my most recent travel adventures. Later in the week on Saturday, I post recipes I tried that week and how they worked out. One thing was clear from the beginning… this blog will not be orthodox.

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