August Favorites

Now that August has passed, I’m officially in fall mode. Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and long sleeves. Some of these items were featured in my dorm room tour, but now I’m going to be more detailed on why I bought them.


Classic Utility Shirt Jacket


Honestly, Old Navy has the most amazing sales out there. This year for back to school shopping, I picked out everything while I was in the store itself. Later, I ordered it online when they had 40% off with free shipping. I picked this up because I thought this shirt was different than everything else I own. It’s a bit too warm for it right now, so I’ll be wearing this more in a month when it cools down. It looks fantastic with the warm tones of my hair and can be layered or worn on its own.

Darley End Table – Threshold—vintage-oak—threshold%E2%84%A2/-/A-50479919

If you read the last post on my dorm room, you probably saw my new side table. I’m kind of picky when it comes to furniture, and this might be the best purchase I’ve ever made. In this day and age of technology, I’m always on my phone. This means my phone is always dead. If you flip up the top panel of the table, it reveals a plug-in. It’s nice to have when I’m working late at night, and when I need to charge my laptop it’s already there.


MAYBELLINE FaceStudio Master Camo Color Correcting Pen

By nature, I have very red pigmented skin. My ELF green primer mutes the redness a little, but this is basically just green concealer. Either you can dab it on or put it on all over. On top of that, you need to layer on foundation to conceal the green. It works because, like many are aware of, green cancels out red on the color wheel.


Rolling Laundry Hamper—white-with-pool-handles—home-logic/-/A-51742382%5D


Though I love living in a dorm, the one thing I hate is doing laundry. Especially because your laundry room is on another floor. I have two of these hampers, one for wet towels and another for clothes. On laundry day, I just have to throw everything in the basket and go down the elevator.


Monthly Playlist



DIY Embroidered Hat

Spring has sprung in the Midwest. One trend I’m obsessed with is embroidered hats. I thought I would try to recreate a floppy straw hat inspired by Eugenia Kim. This tutorial will be easier if you have a basic understanding of sewing.
First, gather all of the materials. Whatever you decide to embroider will determine what kind of needle you use. For me, a regular point needle worked since the hat was soft enough to easily weave the needle in and out. Thicker materials, such as baseball hats, might require a stronger needle that is specifically made for embroidery. Beginners should try using a self-threading needle or one with a larger eye.


Now it’s time to decide on the design. My design was drawn on with a marker so that I had a pattern to follow. Another way is to trace one on by using the method used in the painted pumpkin DIY, tracing over the pencil outline with a marker. Just keep in mind that whatever you decide on will take longer than expected. Personally, my design took two bundles of thread, and the whole process took over 5 hours.

After beginning by cutting a two-foot piece of thread, thread your needle and knot the other end. I find that if you use too much thread at once, it may cause it to bunch up and become a mess.
First, pull the needle in through the backside or whatever side no one is going to see. For this project, I used a satin style stitch, which goes back and forth between two points in order to fill in a line. I’m probably not describing that well, so I’m linking a post by Sublime Stitching that describes this a lot better.

How to Satin Stitch

satin stich
When you begin to run out of thread, find a stopping point and pull the thread through the front so that the thread is now on the backside. Remove the needle and make a knot that’s close to the fabric. Cut off any extra thread, and repeat the process again.
After I finished my design, I went back through the stitches and made a few of my lines thicker. Also, I filled in any spots where you could still see the fabric underneath. If you’re looking for a cleaner look, go around the outline of the design and make a border.



2016 Favorites

HELLO 2017! Even though 2016 wasn’t the best year ever, I still found a lot of things I liked.

Easy on the eyes
Newt Scamander

A fellow Hufflepuff, Newt Scamander joins my long list of fictional characters that tickle my fancy. Though his eye contact skills are poor, I can overlook that.


BagoGames Film Fallout Podcast #39 – Fantastic Beasts at The Edge of Seventeen November 23, 2016 From Flickr Via Creative Commons

Women who slayed
Leslie Jones

From being the number one fan of the Olympics to starring in one of the summer’s most anticipated films, Leslie Jones won 2016. Well, her website was hacked… but that didn’t stop her! It even made it into a couple of her different SNL skits.


Archivo:Leslie jones.jpg From Wiki Commons Via Creative Commons

Biggest Obsession
Starbucks Mugs

Ever since I laid eyes on the You Are Here Mug Collection from Starbucks, I’ve been obsessed. Depicting the highlights of specific cities in an Art Deco style, these mugs are the number one souvenir I look for when I’m out of town.

Best of Binge-watching
Red Oak – Amazon
Though it’s not my typical series I would watch, Red Oak centers around a young man who works as a tennis pro at an exclusive country club during the summer. The talented ensemble cast brings to life the characters in the 80s coming of age comedy series.

Glad you came into my life
Duffer Brothers – Stranger Things

The duo introduced us to the eerie world of Stranger Things, serving as the showrunners of the critically acclaimed series. Centering around the disappearance of a young boy in the 1980s, viewers soon realize that not everything is as it seems when a girl with supernatural powers appears. Make a free Netflix account if you don’t have one; you will thank me later.


Stranger Things logo Wiki Common Via Creative Commons

Best Splurge Item
Instant Camera – Fujifilm Instax 8

Every once and awhile, you have to treat yourself. Instant camera photography is kind of an expensive hobby, but I buy the film on sale or in bulk. This model is great in both low lighting and in direct sunlight. Each picture has the vintage feel that you can’t get with an Instagram filter.

Best Fashion Purchase
Old Navy – Original Mid Rise Jeans

Anyone with thighs knows that chafing is an issue that causes the inside of the jeans to fade and wear down with time. For the past four years, I’ve exclusively worn only Old Navy jeans. After ripping over half of my jeans last winter, I knew it was time to repurchase my beloved pants. I love these jeans because they are high quality, have a slight stretch to them, come in a vast range of sizes and colors, and are cost efficient. The problem I came across when I went to repurchase them was that Old Navy changed the jeans’ styles and sizes again. Following an hour of intense jean trying on, I found a new style of jeans that fit my body even better than before. I wear the Original Mid Rise Jeans in the regular length. I haven’t bought the skinny jean version because the straight cut fits like that on me already.

October Favorites

Dear Mother Nature, I beg of you to please just let me have one day of fall. This is truly getting out of control! October is over and it’s still t-shirt and shorts weather outside. Besides cooking kettle corn 15 hours a week at work and attending Friday night football, I’ve found a few new things I like this month.


Haters Back Off

Miranda Sings, a YouTube sensation, finally had her Netflix show released. The eight episodes are a cringe-worthy experience that serves as the origin story for the character. The ending is way depressing and doesn’t really fit the overall tone that was set up. Unlike other YouTube based media, Haters Back Off is a lighthearted comedy that’s willing to take risks.

Knit Peacoat

Other places in the world are experiencing a season known as fall. I picked this piece up a couple of weeks ago for an upcoming trip to Indianapolis. Guessing by the forecast, it’s probably going to be chilly the five days I’ll be there. I really don’t have the space in my bag for a winter coat. This jacket is super light and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Personally, I own the red, but both colors can be dressed up or down.

L’ORÉAL Sleek It Iron Straight Heatspray

A few months back I found out the products I was using by Kerastase is made by L’Oreal, so I switched all my hair products to L’Oreal. I’ve already talked about the shampoo and conditioner, but I love the heat spray just as much. The only issue I found with it is that it isn’t sulfate-free, but who cares when you’re protecting your locks?


Holographic Makeup Bag

I don’t really consider myself a child of the 90s. (Although, I kind of think that the 90s didn’t really end until 2004.) Recently I’ve been obsessed with everything holographic. It was time to get a new makeup bag since last month I accidently burned my old one with my hair straightener. This bag is big enough for all my essentials and even has a wipeable surface.


Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator

Felix Kjellberg, AKA Pewdiepie, released his second mobile game. Fans of the channel know that Kjellberg is known for his gameplays and commentary on them. Tuber Simulator takes aspects from social gaming and traditional simulator games. The goal is to get more subscribers than Pewdiepie by creating online videos. It’s free on both iOS and Android.

August Favorites

August is over! That means it’s time to put on a flannel and go get my PSL fix. JK, it’s still 90 degrees here.

Tassel-Front Swing Blouse

I’m so obsessed with this shirt that the day after I first wore it, I went out and bought it in two other colors. It’s perfect right now because we are slowly transitioning into fall. You can still show some skin while continuing to be comfy.


Originally this was purchased for a friend going off to college, but I fell in love and bought one for myself. It produces enough light to fill my whole room without the overhead lights on. The bendable head is great for late night studying, especially when you’re too lazy to get up and turn off the lightswitch.

E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set

E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set spray is a lifesaver for me because I need my makeup to last the whole school day. In the past twenty days of use, I haven’t had to do any major touch-ups. Let’s hope this stops me from looking like a sweaty goon on the marching band field.

Chobani Flip Yogurt

Toppings make everything taste better. Normally I’m not a huge Greek yogurt fan, but Chobani’s recipe is not as bitter as other brands. It’s not chunky, but it isn’t super thin either. There have only been three flavors I haven’t liked, and those were the cherry, pear, and key lime flavors.


Everyone who attended, currently attends, or is going to attend college in the future knows that school isn’t cheap. Finding scholarships are key to not having tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. Scholly is a free app that takes all your information (ACT scores, major, grade point average, etc.) and comes out with all these scholarships you are eligible for. It makes it easy to apply and keep track of them.



July Favorites

What a month! I’ve been keeping quite busy between my online classes and going to the lake. This week is the start of every band geek’s favorite time of the year – Band Camp. All of my friends are sad it’s our last time experiencing it, but I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to start the new school year and start the next chapter of my life.

Biore Charcoal Face Cleanser 
I normally have dry skin and have minimal acne. For the past six months, I’ve been using the Biore Charcoal Face Cleanser twice a day. This month I’ve been breaking out like crazy, so I tested out Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleaner. After you use it, you will know why I put it on the list. My face feels like a baby, and my acne cleared up in a week.

Good Morning Call
I have talked shit on my friends for watching anime and reading manga for years; well, here’s your public apology. I’m in love with Good Morning Call! Based on the Japanese anime of the same name, Good Morning Call is a live action TV series co-produced by Fuji TV & Netflix. Basically, it’s about a junior named Nao that moves into an apartment when her parents leave her to move in with her grandpa. After a real estate scam, she is forced to share her apartment with the most popular guy in school. You can see what’s going to happen from a mile away, but I can’t stop watching. I’m almost done with the series, and I’m not sure if there are any plans for a second season. All 17 episodes are on Netflix and last about 45 minutes each.

Boho Bandeaus
This month I cut six inches off my hair, and I was going for a Black Window meets Posh Spice kind of look. Natural Life makes a product called Boho Bandeaus and solves all of your bad hair day problems. They are basically infinity scarves for your head and can be worn in a dozen different ways. At this time I have three of them in gray, tie dye purple, and in a brown and hot pink pattern.

Yesso Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars
In reference to what I said last month, I’ve been trying to eat healthier. Also, it’s been over 100 degrees each day for the past month. Yesso Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars are a gift from God. One bar is just 100 calories and isn’t just cookie dough flavored; there are also chunks of cookie dough inside of it! It’s all natural and kosher as well.

Sing Street

If you’re a fan of Screen Junkies, you’ve probably heard of a little movie called Sing Street. It’s about a British teen in the 80’s who creates a band to impress a girl. Sorry Deadpool, but this has the best movie soundtrack of the year! There are eight original songs written for the movie and are performed by the cast. In my opinion, Drive it Like You Stole It is the best, but The Riddle of the Model is a close second. If you haven’t already (and I know you haven’t), just rent the movie on iTunes. It’s better than 90% of the movies in theaters right now.

Top Places for Fandom Fashion

In recent years, many brands and stores have been noticing that geeks and nerds are an untapped market. Before, fangirls who wanted to show off their nerd pride only had the option of t-shirts. Sure t-shirts are nice, but sometimes we want something a little different.  

I created a list of my favorite stores where I like to buy my swag.

Her Universe

Created by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars, Her Universe is one of the most popular brands of fandom related clothing. Mostly what I’ve purchased from them are their t-shirts, but they have some really cool dresses that can be worn for every occasion. Also, almost all of their pieces can be bought in a plus size. Her Universe has a lot to offer, but a large amount of their clothing is pin-up or vintage inspired. The brand has expanded into stores since its release and created store exclusive items for Hot Topic and Kohl’s. One downside is that Her Universe’s clothing can be pricey, but they run sales regularly.  


Hot Topic

Growing up, I was afraid of going into Hot Topic. This was due to the amount of early-2000s goths that shopped there. Times have changed, and so has Hot Topic. The store still continues to be a truck stop for emos, but has become nerdy and fandom-friendly.




Torrid is the answer for all nerdy fashion for plus-sized women. Though most of their items are more casual, they carry some fun pieces you can dress up or down.

Disney Ariel Collection Button Down Tank Top: $38.50

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wing Tee: $34.90


Kohl’s has been killing it with their Junior and Junior Plus sections. Again, they have Her Universe pieces available in both sizes, but if you’re wanting something both fashionable and nerdy, this is the cheapest place. This year especially, I’ve liked their Avengers workout collection and 75th Anniversary Captain America line. The only problem with Kohl’s is that they don’t really restock, so I would snatch up items when you see them.  

Juniors’ Plus Size Marvel Captain America Scalloped Tee: $23.80

Juniors’ Marvel Captain America Pleated Shortie Shorts: $25.99


Thinkgeek is where it’s at! They have every fandom you can think of and usually are reasonably priced. If you’re a Trekkie, I would check out their line of swimsuits.

Star Trek:TNG One-Piece Swimsuit: $59.99

Star Trek:TNG Deanna Troi Swim Shirt: $37.49


No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes. If you’re a classic converse kind of girl like me, the Converse DC line is goals.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics High Tops: $60